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28th of January, 2016
Regional autorities visit Up Lifting S.A. new facilities under construction

Last January 15th, Mr. Marta Gastón, Industry Minister of Aragón; Mr. Luis Lanaspa, Economy managing director; and Mr. Luis Felipe, major of Huesca; all of them accompanied by their work team,...+ info

10th of May, 2015
UP LIFTING begins construction of its new assembly plant

On May 11st, UP LIFTING begins the expansion works of its new assembly plant in the logistic platform PLHUS.

The new factory will cover an area of 9,000 m2 and will be solely dedicated to the...+ info

24th of September, 2014
UP LIFTING will sponsor Club Balonmano Huesca

Last afternoon, Tuesday September 23, UP LIFTING signed a sponsorship agreement for two years with Club Balonmano Huesca.

The brand image of UP LIFTINGGAYPU...+ info

31th of July, 2014
GAYPU Group acquires land holdings to initiate a major expansion

GAYPU Group has purchased a plot of land of 60.000 m² in the PLHUS industrial park, in Huesca. The signing ceremony has taken place on July 31st, in the city council of Huesca, witnessed by its mayor, Ana...+ info

17th of June, 2014
"Customer Service" EJECUTIVOS award to GAYPU Group

GAYPU Group and Roberto Garzo, Managing Director have been awarded with the “Customer service” EJECUTIVOS award, given by the prestigious and national magazine “EJECUTIVOS”,...+ info

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