From Gaypu we think the company should convert into a fundamental agent of development in communities where it is established, not only as a generator of employment and wealth, but as an element that provides other values to its surroundings: environmental, cultural, humanitarian.
We are talking about a strategic approach based on profound respect for ethics, persons, communities and the territory where they are located. Providing initiatives and resources that contribute to their growth.
From the Gaypu group we have developed a different approach focused on providing value to the environment, programs related to sports, culture or education in collaboration with different institutions.
Promotion of sports from starting point: Sponsorship of the Junior National League of C.D. Oscences.
Sponsorship of adult amateur department through the promotion of the basketball team.
Educational sessions for students, developed in the company's facilities, where the company is used so the visitors can see applied in a real company a lot of knowledge received in class.
GAYPU group 
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