Company Presentation
Mission and Values
To make a great journey it only takes the first step and that is how we reach our destiny. Moving forward, without stopping... step by step.'
The first steps of the Gaypu project go back to 1963 to Bolea , a town in the province of Huesca where manufacturing activity was based on farm implements, agricultural machinery and artisan works in the forge, treating and sculpting the metal to the artisan's design. In 1995 the company expands its installations to the provincial capital Huesca, acquiring a more industrial structure and modernizing its machinery.
It is from the year 2002 that the company acquires its actual denomination, taking a big step forward in the technological direction making possible an increase in the capacity to face new market demands. To what previously was only cut and welding were now added increased quality standards and a full service to the client.
In 2004 the company carries out a new expansion of its production centers acquiring higher service capacity. In order to achieve its present appearance, in 2008, new work installations were opened with high technology and modern spaces designed for the development of further activity.
Gaypu incorporated into the new Group in March 2011 the company UP LIFTING S.A., whose creation contributes to the diversification and development of the Group.
GAYPU group 
Ronda la Industria, Par. 151
Pol. Sepes. 22006 HUESCA
Phone: 974 229 832 | Fax: 974 242 481
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