Company Presentation
Mission and Values
GAYPU GROUP offers a complete metallurgical service to its clients, through two companies whose activities complement each other in order to achieve a better product: GPCORTE and METÁLICAS GAYPU. The first one is dedicated to cutting by laser, high definition plasma or by gas welding torch. The activities of Metalicas Gaypu are oriented towards manufacturing, welding, electro-hydraulic assembly and painting.
Our vocation is to give the client a full service regarding the subcontracting of different pieces or phases of its manufacturing. This also includes the possibility of complete industrialization of the process from design to final work.
Gaypu Group has qualified human resources and experience as well as having a great sense of organization and productivity.
The Company has high technology machines in its 15.000 m2 from where it renders services to all types of clients, from large multinationals of different sectors to small local companies.
In the company's production process we can find the following phases :
Sheet cut and transformation
Tube cut and transformation
Manual and robotic welding
Hydraulic and electric assembly
Blasting and painting
Gaypu incorporated into the new Group in March 2011 the company UP LIFTING S.A., whose creation contributes to the diversification and development of the Group.
GAYPU group 
Ronda la Industria, Par. 151
Pol. Sepes. 22006 HUESCA
Phone: 974 229 832 | Fax: 974 242 481
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